About Diane Samsel

Art, Astrology, and Animal Communication are the three media through which I express my deepest need to reach out and connect with all that exists in our world. It is the sharing of this connection that brings me the greatest happiness in life. It is as simple as this: we are all one!

My path began with a love of art. Married to photographer Lewis Baltz, my early years were saturated with rich experiences meeting and socializing with some of the finest contemporary artists and photographers. In college, I earned a BFA in studio painting and have been painting and showing since that time.

In the mid ‘90’s I began to develop my interest in astrology and animal communication and have been offering profession consultations for over 14 years. In astrology, I am currently enrolled in Noel Tyl’s master course and I publish a monthly astrology column for "Whole Living Journal". My animal communication articles appear in "Species Link" Magazine.

The exposure to life’s creative side has opened my sensitivities and I now blend all of my training into a unique intuitive consultation style. As for my painting, I am setting off in a new direction and we shall see where that may lead. In the meantime, I invite you to enjoy my website and call or email to book an appointment for yourself or your animal friends.

quote  Diane is a multi-talented, highly skilled, intuitive.  Her tool box is deep, wide, and overflowing.  She fully utilizes her skills to deal with situations in the present, while pulling in other important stores of knowledge into her work, from her vast education and life experiences to bring greater peace and harmony into the lives of her clients.  lower quote

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