Power Paws Food Supplement

Power Paws

Power Paws is a super-nutritious pet food supplement for all four-footed companions (birds, too!). Power Paws provides health and beauty for your companion animal.

The Benefits of Power Paws:

  • Promotes beautiful, healthy coats
    • Decreases shedding
    • Heals many persistent skin problems
  • Up to 90% effective in combating fleas and ticks
  • Boosts immune system
    • Vitamin C and garlic are proven to help fight infection and promote rapid healing from injury, wounds, and infection
  • Easy to use, tastes great!

Add a measured amount to daily food, or just pour a measured amount into a bag of dry food and shake. Eliminates the need for daily dosage. Some animal companions like it plain!

Biologically appropriate raw food for cats and dogs has proved safe and effective in combating many degenerative diseases caused by chemical laden, over-processed pet food. We recommend that you use PowerPaws as a great supplement for a raw food diet, however, Power Paws can also supplement an all natural, high quality commercial pet food diet.

Finicky eaters will accept Power Paws if you introduce it gradually by placing a small amount under their food. Puppies and kittens under 8 weeks or nursing should not be given this supplement until they are on solid food.

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Power Paws contains a powdered blend of:

yeast, garlic, vitamin C, kelp, lecithin, toasted wheat germ and steamed bone meal.

Recommended daily dosage is 1-2 teaspoon per cup of food.

Available in a 16 oz. jar.

quotePower Paws has improved our dogs skin and coat tremendously. No more dryness or flaking! We have 2 collies with healthier coats and much less shedding, thanks to this wonderful product. lower quote

FK, Maine