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Raw Food Recipe

Power Paws

Makes about 40 cups which feeds my 5 cats for several months.
For cats, the ratio of meat to veggies should be 75% to 25%. For dogs substitute 4 lbs. of vegetables for 4 lbs of fish.

Meat (approximately 75%)
Use organic, free-range, wild and/or sustainably raised or farmed meat.
Ground Beef:  8-9 lbs.
Ground Turkey:  8-9 lbs.
Canned Fish: 4lbs.  Use Salmon, Mackerel, Herring or other fish (try to avoid salt if possible): Note: due to the high risk of mercury toxicity from North Atlantic tuna, please avoid using tuna unless it is from Thailand.
Raw and/or frozen vegetables and fruit (25%) Use organic or sustainably raised.
(A combination of the following for a total of about 10 cups, plus water, see below)
Sweet Potato
Collards with stem removed
Green beans
Canned organic pumpkin puree (not pie mix) - my cat's favorite

Puree a 2:1 ratio of vegetables/fruits to water in a food processor or blender  (i.e. for 10 cups of veggies, use 5 cups of water)

Fats (15-25% range - 15% ideal) Meat and chicken contain an average of only around 8-9% fat content, so additional fat is needed. Use only high quality oils, preferably organic.

2 cup flax seed oil
1 cup olive oil


  • Bone meal: needs to be 3-7%.  Use only high grade bone meal available from NOW: 3 cups  OR use organic egg shells ground in a food processor then spread on a cookie sheet, bake at 225°, cool and save in the freezer till ready to use .
    Important note: cats must HAVE raw food buffered with bone meal or eggshells or they will not be able to metabolize Taurine, a necessary nutrient, and could fall ill or die if deprived.
  • Power Paws: 1 jar (an all purpose supplement; order through
  • Acidopholus: 1 TBSP
  • Ground Flax seed: 2 cups
  • Vitamin E: 2 droppersful of liquid E
  • Cod Liver Oil: 1 TBSP
  • Seameal: 1 cup (manufactured by Solid Gold)

Mix all ingredients till well blended. Divide and freeze in pint freezer zip lock bags: 1 cup to a bag.
Feeding recommendations:
I feed my cats twice a day. 1 cup feeds my 5 cats for one day (approx. 2 1/2 TBSP per feeding with 1 TBSP dry food).
Note: If you are switching your cat or dog to raw food from commercial pet food, make sure you switch very slowly. Add increasing small amounts to their regular food over a period of 1-2 weeks or longer if needed.

Please contact your holistic vet for any specific recommendations for your pet’s dietary needs.