Animal Communication Sessions

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Scheduling a Session

I would love to consult with your animal friends. My telephone sessions are by appointment.

When requesting an appointment, I’ll need to know the time zone from where you’ll be calling. Also, please send me information on your animals: name, breed, color, age and weight (if cat or dog.)  My schedule is varied and I work days and evenings Monday thru Saturday (till noon).  Give me two or three dates/times that work for you and I'll fit you into an opening in my schedule.  At the time of the appointment, you will call me at the number below.

My rate is $130 per hour and $65 per half hour and I accept all major credit cards. Please send your billing name and address for your credit card (name as it appears on the card, address the statement is sent to) but NOT the number. Be sure to include your phone number - in case I need to contact you before the reading. Checks or money order are also accepted.

Look forward to hearing from you!



Working with lost animals

I do lost animal work and would be happy to help you find your companion animal. My success rate varies and there are no guarantees but I have helped many people find their lost companions.  It can be challenging, however, to determine if an animal is alive or deceased.  There are numerous reasons for this, but I will do my best to "see" what happened to your lost animal companion.  If your animal friend is deceased, she may tell me that she is alive but may not be aware that she is no longer in her body.   There are clues that tell me s/he might be gone, but again, I cannot make any guarantees except to say that I will do my very best for you.  If you are not happy with the consultation, I will refund your money.
To facilitate the reading, in addition to your companion's name, age, and breed, I’ll need a general description of how s/he got lost.


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