Testimonials (by category)

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"Thank you Diane, for everything. Wiley is doing very well. . . I feel that you really caught her personality and you have given me so much relief."


"I'm very thankful with you, I have seen a change in my Lolita. . . and my family too. I know that she will be much better. You are awesome!!! "


Animals who have passed over

My beautiful friend left this earthly realm yesterday afternoon and is now free to pursue whatever new adventures the universe has in store for him. Our conversation the other day was so helpful, so precious to me - words could never express the depth of my gratitude.


"Thanks so much for your insight on Louie. It is amazing the things that you knew about him. Plus there were things that you said that there is no way you could have knew about! He is still out there, but when ever he is ready to come back it, I will be very happy!!"

Patty S


"My Chiropractor just left. She put some of Suzanna's ribs back in line! I can't thank you enough for being right on the spot again. It was a quick fix and Suzanna immediately felt better. I can even ride her again. Thank you again for being such a great communicator and I'm looking forward to work with you in the future. "


Lost Animals

"I decided to keep my appointment with Diane even though my cat, Andy, showed up the night before my scheduled appointment. I wanted to know what Andy was thinking and anything I could find out about the week he was missing.

Diane was able to give me details of how he jumped off our deck and why. She also gave me details of the environment he had been in, which was exactly like the area at the end of our road. . . She told me Andy finally heard me calling him and that's how he managed to find his way back home.

I HIGHLY recommend Diane.  I received a LOT of helpful information during my 30 minute appointment.  I really can't speak highly enough about her."

Ann W

"Diane, I cannot thank you enough. You are a miracle!! You brought Royce back. I have no doubt about that. "

Lori K

"I want to commend you on the exceptional job you did yesterday. I called you after a flood in Tucson (yup, Tucson) sent a bunch of panicked horses running from their stable. One of them, a young Arabian I had bred and raised, didn't return with the others. . . . Three hours later I got a call that he had been found - in a pen in a barn near a hay pile, just a few yards from his home but on the other side of the wash. Exactly as you described!!! "


Deuk Horse

Kristi Ullman
and her horse, Duek


The world continues to fall in love with Duek the Friesian that was featured on, "The Mask of Zorro!"
. . . Diane Samsel has been on this journey with us since 2004. Duek speaks with her many times a year, and is very appreciative of her fine talent. It serves him well!
Thanks again, Diane! You are so right on!!! lower quote

Kristi Ullman,
Santa Ynez, CA